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Professional Pressure Cleaning throughout the Miami Area

Our Services

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Roof Pressure Cleaning

We use a high pressure clean to wash off any mold/moss or residue on your roof. After the wash your roof will look like new!


Driveway Cleaning

Driveway Cleaning will remove all the dirt and grime built up on your drive not only leaving it spotless but clean!


Commercial Pressure Washing

We also handle many large jobs such as gas stations, warehouses, garages, churches etc. We will do a full cleaning of the property or partial to the roof or driveway. Contact us to set up the right cleaning for you.

Fence Cleaning

Remove all the dirt and moss from building up and eating away on your fence


House Washing

Pressure cleaning of all the exterior walls of your home removing all the built up dirt, moss or old stains.


Patio Cleaning

High pressure washing of your deck or patio whether you want to paint or refinish it or make even just remove the dirt and mold on it we have you covered

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Delivering dependable, long-lasting solutions

Our team of skilled, experienced pressure cleaning contractors use only high quality equipment to ensure long-lasting cleaning results.

Complete assessment of your needs

Upon contacting Torres Pressure Cleaning for your cleaning project, a trained professional will come to your home and conduct an inspection of your property. They will determine the correct scope of work for the cleaning project and determine the cost and time required for completion. You can rest assured that our pressure cleaning company will finish your project as per schedule.